Tips for Taking a College Audition

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

1. Don't worry about anyone else except yourself

Many students tend to worry about how well others will play and if they are good enough etc. etc. But the reality is that an audition is not only an audition of your playing, but who you are and what your goals are. Teachers at universities aren't just looking at your playing, they're looking at your potential growth and how they can help you grow.

2. Look Nice

It's an audition, make sure you look nice for it. That being said, do not go all out and wear a tux. College Auditions aren't that formal of an occasion.

3. Practice Looking Nice

This might sound crazy, but when we practice we tend to practice in whatever we happen to be wearing that day. Many professionals will actually recreate the situations that they'll be when they perform or take an audition. One way you can do this is practice your music while wearing the clothes you plan to wear during the audition. .

4. Don't Worry About Missed Notes or Things That Go Wrong

If something goes wrong, don't worry about it too much and move on. It's now in the past and you can't change it, but you can still change your playing for the rest of the audition. If an audition goes badly view it as a learning experience.

5. Check out the rest of the school and talk to current students.

This one I wish I had taken advantage of when I was younger. Most music schools are fairly small and everyone tends to know everyone else. Talk to a couple of current students and teachers because these people may end up not only as your friends during your time at school, but they might become your friends, and they could eventually become your work colleagues after school.

6. Bring Questions With!

While auditions aren't necessarily the best time to ask questions. If you have any questions make sure to ask them while you're there. Keep in mind this is a time for professors to decide which students they want in their program and which students they think they can make succeed. If you show up with tons of questions and you're clearly passionate about music, this will factor into the audition results.

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