Deliberate Practice

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Deliberate Practice: Repetetive performance of intended cognitive or psychomotor skills.

Practicing is crucial for every musician. Regardless of experience level, it is required for a musician to keep their current level of playing or to progress and become better at what they're doing!

The hardest aspect of practicing is ironically the simplest part...Concentration. Concentration is something that we all have issues with in our modern world. There's always something to think about whether it's an email, text, food, advertisements etc. This can make it difficult to focus on the present and what we're currently doing.

The goal of deliberate practice is to perform an action or skill extremely well. When we throw a ball, we have to be focused on small actions such as where our eyes are looking, how the arm is moving, how the environment affects the motion of the ball, how the body is twisting, how much force is being exerted etc.

This same concept is applied to practicing music! When I practice drum set and percussion, I slow down everything I am playing with a metronome and focus on the tiny details such as how my arm is moving, how my wrist is moving, what I'm looking at, how am I counting etc.

When this is done over and over it enforces good technique and more importantly it forces us to focus more intensely when playing!

So the next time you practice! Put your phone on silent, focus on the small details, and live in the present!

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