What is Rhythm?

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Rhythm - a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound.

Rhythm is all around us. When you watch people walking they usually walk in a rhythm. When people eat, they usually do it in some sort of slow rhythm. When people talk, there's always some sort of rhythm. Clocks tick in time in rhythm. Rhythm is simply, a regular passage of time...

Rhythm is also critical to music and dance. Without it, neither of these art forms can function. The most interesting aspect of rhythm to me is actually teaching rhythm to beginning students. It's such s basic act that we use in everyday life but yet it's hard to minimize it down to a science to make us consciously aware of it occurring!

The concept of consciously thinking about rhythm comes down to Counting! The way that I usually show students the basic concept of rhythm is the metronome. I start by listening to a recording of a students favorite band/song/composition and I show them how to count along to the music, once that's done I use the metronome to get the tempo of the song and show them how it correlates to the music.

Afterward I click the metronome with that tempo and show them how to play quarter notes and how they look on a sheet of music. Once the student is able to do this, I begin breaking down rhythm further and show them how other note values work with the quarter not. The reason I do this is that younger students have a hard time being focused unless they're either listening or playing music. Once the student understands how the concept of time works and how a metronome correlates to it, they're able to reproduce it.

Rhythm is an aspect of music, dance, and life. Without understanding it, there are many aspects of life that simply go unnoticed. Understanding rhythm helps us better understand life's natural mysteries and helps us to create happy lives for ourselves.

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