It's Never too Late to Learn An Instrument

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

As a percussion and drum set teacher, I've seen many different age groups want to learn an instrument. Many times I get questions quickly come up such as...

"You don't mind I'm a beginner?"

"Sorry I haven't played in a long time!"

"The last time I played an instrument was in high school band, is that okay?"

These insecurities are quickly washed away after a lesson or two. But realistically, why do people feel this way? I think it's because when you learn an instrument later in life, you know that you have to be invested in what you're learning and usually students know they have insecurities before even starting to play!

1. Insecurities

The ironic truth is that learning an instrument later in life helps you appreciate playing, everything from phrasing, to technique, to the philosophical ideas of music are all aspects of music that are going to be easier for you to learn. Most younger students have difficulty grasping these concepts. The only truly difficult aspect of learning is having enough time to practice and being committed.

2. A New Hobby (You've Always Wanted To Try)

Some people who come to me for lessons are older people who never pursued their dream of music. The joy of music is what playing, learning, and teaching is all about! When we start doing something later in life that we've always wanted to do we tend to appreciate it so much more!

3. Coping

Life is hard and we all have different ways to cope. Some students I've taught had troubling things happen in their lives and sometimes doing something new is a way to cope with these things. By playing an instrument a student is given a creative way to cope with life's challenge.

On another level, for me, teaching has been a coping mechanism. I've had my share of bad, okay, good and phenomenal teachers and mentors! The way that I perceive music is a culmination of what I've been taught and my own discoveries and experiences along the way. Teaching and passing this down to students has taught me so much about who I am and who I want to be.

4. It's Fun

Many students simply want something fun and new to do. Learning any instrument can simply be something fun to do that (in many ways) is cheaper and more constructive than other forms of entertainment! Buy a movie or two, or have a lesson on an instrument? Nowadays it makes more sense to purchase a lesson than purchase a movie!

While you may have never played an instrument before or maybe you always wanted to but never had the opportunity, taking lessons and learning an instrument is a fun and important aspect of life! It's never too late to start learning!


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