6 Reasons Drum Set Lessons Are Good For Your Child

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Why are drum set lessons so great for kids??

Lets look at the facts!

1. It Improves Academic Skills in School

-Music and math are one and the same. By gaining an understanding of rhythm, scales, and even harmony. Students gain an understanding of math through these various concepts. Students learn to count and learn how numbers work together.

-Music and memory. Playing a piece or even singing a piece of music by ear takes memory. Learning music helps students learn how to improve their memory in more than one way. Some pieces of music can be anywhere from 1 minute to as long 30 minutes! As a musician, this requires lots and lots of practice and fine tuning of ones memory. Students who learn music gain a better long term memory.

-Music and physical skills. Drumming and other instruments require something called "Physical Memory" which is essentially using your body to memorize techniques. Learning how to use the wrist to throw a stick toward a drum or move the fingers to play blast beats requires attention to physical detail. This will help students gain an understanding of how to use their body in a variety of ways.

2. Discipline

Although music is fun to play, it's common for professionals and kids alike to have times where they don't want to practice. But sticking with a practice schedule and putting in that extra hour to perfect a piece of music helps students learn to work hard. Students can then bring this skill to their everyday lives in a variety of ways from helping their parents make dinner to doing their homework!

3. Social Skills

When playing an instrument who do we commonly play with? OTHER PEOPLE! Any adult will attest that sometimes the hardest and/or easiest part of work is working with other people. It's a skill that everyone needs to develop. Usually, students develop this skill in and outside of school. As a musician, students will work with others in a variety of environments from school band, to jazz band, to a rock band, to working with a teacher.

4. Cultures

Playing drum set introduces students to a variety of cultures. The samba is originally a Brazilian musical style, reggae comes from Jamaica, Rock originally drew from blues and country music, and country music originally came from southeastern United States folk songs. All the beats and genres that a drummer will play come from a different culture and have histories that can go back hundreds of years. Gaining an understanding of this can help broaden students views of the word.

5. Self-Esteem

Learning new techniques like buzz rolls, double stroke rolls, different fills and beats can help students become proud of their own accomplishments. As a drummer, it can be hard to learn the basics. But, once a student knows just the basic rock beat, they can really start advancing quickly and become proud of what they've learned.

6. Making Music is Fun!

Music has always been associated with fun. Thousands of years ago cave men would gather in circles and drum together, hundreds of years ago musicians would perform for royalty for celebrations, and in modern times people of all ages and backgrounds perform and listen to music! Learning an instrument can help us to fulfill our goals, enhance our lives, and appreciate music and life even more!


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